Which Styles are Taught in General Kids Dance Classes?

Which Styles are Taught in General Kids Dance Classes?

Young children learn a lot through play, especially with games they can play freely in open spaces. Kids dance classes have a number of physical and emotional benefits for young dancers, while creating an environment they enjoy. The skills that children learn in kids dance classes help them to become more open, attentive and well-rounded adults. Dance is a precise art that requires dedication, focus and team work. Whether they take lessons for fun or go on to become professional dancers, the positive traits that will remain part of their character.

Little Steps

This dance class is for children aged three to four years old. These classes help to give little dancers an introduction to different styles, while helping to develop their ability to concentrate and fine tune motor skills. The skills of hip hop, acro, jazz and ballet are all touched upon in kids dance classes. Children also learn creative movement, dexterity, musicality, co-operation and team-building skills. Classes have no more than 15 dancers, to give teachers and teaching assistant’s time with each child one on one.

The benefits of Hip Hop, Acro, Jazz and Ballet classes for kids

There are many physical benefits to kids dance classes that stem from different styles. Hip hop is an exciting and upbeat form of dance that allows dancers to focus all their energy into fun movements. Young children will be happy to recognize the popular music that is danced to and create their own freestyle moves.

Acro dance is far more physically demanding than other kids dance classes, but this is taken lightly in Little Steps. Children will learn how to tumble, do bridges, cartwheels, and walkovers that won’t hurt their bodies. These moves help them to develop physical strength as well as cardiovascular health.

Ballet and Jazz are sister styles that share many fundamental skills. Ballet is the more reserved of the two skills with an immediate focus on foot positions, body lines, and gracefulness. If your little dancer generally lacks patience, Jazz might be more their speed. Jazz is far more upbeat than ballet, with more exciting music and techniques. Both styles will teach dancers basics of traditional dance, and allow them to develop these skills.

Fun Endings

At the end of the school term, your young dancer can look forward to the KaliAndrews year end show, where they can show off the exciting moves they’ve learned. For children nearing the age restriction of Little Steps, parents can begin to enrol them into more advanced, style specific classes. Younger children will be welcome to reenrol in Little Steps, and learn more fun dance fundamentals next year. For more information on kids dance classes and how to enrol your child, contact us today!