What to Expect at Summer Dance Camp

Summer Dance Camp is an excellent way for busy minds and busy bodies to be kept active during the months off from school. Summer break should be exciting for children, and should allow them the time to explore their own interests outside of the schoolyard. At KaliAndrews Dance Company, we offer four separate summer dance programs to allow all dancers to explore different styles of dance at the level that’s right for each individual. We want to make sure that everyone can participate in dance camp regardless of past experience, and make their summer a break to remember!

Young Dancers: 3-6 Years Old

Little Steps Dance Camp will let young dancers explore a variety of different styles from hip hop to ballet, so that they are able to find what best suits them. Children will be separated into two age groups (3-4yrs and 5-6yrs) for certain styles such as ballet, acro and jazz to ensure everyone is able to participate and receive relevant guidance, while snack breaks and activities will be done all together. Each class will be taught and supervised by a KaliAndrews Dance Company’s instructors and staff, so your tiny dancer is free to have fun, make new friends, and still be safe.


Beginner and Intermediate Dancers: 7-14 Years Old

Our general Summer Dance Camp is for both beginners who are new to the dance and intermediate students looking to advance their skills throughout the summer. With a rotating two-day schedule, dancers can explore a range of styles daily rather than focus on one style exhaustively. During these lessons, new dancers will be taught the fundamental positions and techniques of different styles. This will allow them to find the styles that they’re most comfortable with and may want to pursue more seriously. Experienced dancers will have the chance to work with new instructors, try out new tricks and continue their training over the break. This program is a great opportunity for any dancers interested in possibly auditioning for the Competitive Team in August.

Participants 7-10yrs, camp will run from 9:00 AM to 5:00 pm; Participants 11-14yrs, camp will run from 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM. The age separation makes sure that dancers are placed in a group of a similar age and skill set, and that everyone can be given direction and support. All students will attend 5 dance classes per day, with a break for lunch. Dancers Age 7-10 are on a full-day schedule, and will be participating in crafts and other activities after dance classes.

Advanced Dancers: 13-19 Years Old

Our Advanced Dance Fit Supreme program is for experienced dancers who are looking to push themselves and fine tune their skills over the summer. This camp is designed to help advanced dancers and competitive students stay active and keep them on their toes for the upcoming season. Classes will be held with multiple teachers and explore a variety of styles including Contemporary, Improvisation exercises, Ballet, Jazz, Strengthening and Flexibility Training. This allows for fundamental techniques to be repeatedly practiced and for students to advance their skills. Each class is 2 hours.

Summer Aerial Arts (Silks and Hoop): 10+ Years Old

In our Summer Aerials Program, students are able to explore aerial dance in silks and hoop training. Our modern facility includes a 20 foot high professional rigging system, allowing dancers to experience a genuine circus environment. This summer camp is more physically demanding than others, and flexibility and strength are of the utmost importance. As a rule, dancers should be able to do a full chin up and full push up before registering for the course.

We encourage all dancers who wish to audition for our competitive team in the fall to participate in one or more of our Summer Dance Programs. The lessons will allow dancers to keep up with practice and fine tune their skills. Summer Dance Camp is an excellent way to allow dancers to gain experience in the sport when not in school. Participants will be able to meet several new instructors, fellow dancers, and learn the basics of new dance styles. For more information about Summer Dance Camp and to register, contact KaliAndrews Dance Company today!