What Makes KaliAndrews the Best Ottawa Dance School

If you’re looking for the best Ottawa dance school, look no further than KaliAndrews Dance Company. We are often referred to as the best Ottawa Dance school for our facilities, end of the year shows, experienced teachers and the success that former students have gone on to accomplish.

We offer dance lessons for both children and adults. Lessons can be taken for recreation or they can be taken to nurture dancing talent for those who aspire to become professional dancers. We provide students with a variety of different class options, including: jazz, hip hop, tap, limbering, ballet, pointe, lyrical and contemporary dance. Circus-based dance styles are also taught, including: stunting, tumbling, acrobatic dance, contortion and aerial arts.

Starting with Little Steps

Little Steps classes are for children aged from three to four years old, with a maximum of 15 students per class. Each class has one certified trainer and one teaching assistant. These classes introduce children to a range of styles and techniques so they can choose for themselves what they may want to learn more thoroughly. All KaliAndrews’ instructors are above 18 years old and they have all successfully taken the British Association of Teachers of Dancing associate’s exam in the style(s) they teach.

Adult Lessons

Adults can also find their dancing feet with lessons for mature students. Choose from lessons in aerial arts, hip hop, limbering or ballet. Dance lessons are a fun way for couples and friends to spend time together and a great excuse for a party to show off those dancing skills.

Aerial Arts

Aerial silks and hoop lessons are open classes that focus on developing basic to advanced skills. Students are taught using modern circus techniques, commonly seen in Cirque du Soleil. Ballet classes are also open classes for those who have no previous experience in this style. Classes for those with some experience are also offered.

Hip Hop

If hip hop is what you are interested in, you will learn and have fun in a freestyle class that teachers the moves used in this genre including breaking, popping, locking as well as modern moves. The class is tailored beginners but there is also room for those who have some experience.


Limbering classes are also available at our Ottawa Dance company. This classes are ideal for those looking to push themselves to higher levels of fitness. Students are taught stretching and strengthening techniques. Students work in pairs to help each other perform different moves using various props like yoga blocks, chairs and Pilate’s rings. Students also perform exercises for strength including planks, push-ups and sit-ups.

And More!

You can conveniently register online for children and adult classes. Discounts are offered if you register for multiple sessions up front. Summer and fall classes are both available. Every year in June, KADC holds an annual recital at the Canadian Museum of History that features recreational dancers, competitive dancers and guest performers. Contact us today to learn more about our programs or to register.