The Unique Skill and Training of Aerial Silks and Aerial Hoop

The Unique Skill and Training of Aerial Silks and Aerial Hoop

Professional circus-style instruction, choreography, competitive coaching and event performances!

If you’re interested in learning circus style aerial acrobatics, then it’s important to learn from the best. Aerial Arts is a unique and modern style of dance that requires performers to be exceptionally strong and flexible. Whether you’re new to the style or already have previous training, turn to KaliAndrews Dance Company for your Ottawa aerial apparatus classes. We have the only facility in Ottawa that offers circus-style aerial arts classes at a ceiling height of 20 feet. With both silks and hoop classes, you’ll find an aerial style that suits you best. Coming soon – Aerial Everything classes! Discover your preferred Aerial Apparatus by signing up for the new class this fall! Participants can move from Silks to Hoop, then onto Chain, Cube, Double Point Hoop or even Hammock Silks. Check back soon for more info!

Dancing From the Ceiling

Aerial Arts is a sub-genre of modern dance that was first recognized as in the 1970s. It involves moves that are made using an apparatus that is attached to a prop during performances or to the ceiling. Dancing using horizontal and vertical space while suspended makes it possible to have choreography that is very creative and fluid. This art form has attracted significant recognition and interest over the years, particularly with the growth of Cirque du Soleil.

Aerial Silks and Aerial Hoop Classes

Aerial Silks obtained its name from the silk fabrics that are used to help perform and support the body. It involves spinning, climbing, twisting, contorting and dropping the body in and on the fabrics hanging from the ceiling. This is one of the newer and most challenging forms of Aerial Arts. Suspense is built as the dancers move in complex sequences that utilizes the suspension height to drop and list themselves.

With Aerial Hoop, dancing is done using a metal hoop or cerceau, a circular fixture suspended from the ceiling. This apparatus showcases flexibility and strength as dancers roll, flip, turn, hold poses and change positions. Students learn the different techniques that are used to enter and exit the hoop in fluid, choreographed sequences. This is combined with exercises for strengthening and conditioning the body as well as flexibility training.

KADC is known for the advanced training techniques in both Aerial Hoop and Silks. Commencing Fall 2016 we will be hosting classes for participants to gain experience using multiple circus style Aerial Apparatus and props. Check back soon for these new Aerial classes!

The Starting Point

All forms of aerial dancing require long term training and are very physically demanding. Combining acrobatics and dance while suspended in the air at any height comes with an inherent risk. It is therefore important that a dancer has a solid foundation of flexibility and strength before starting to learn the basic aerial dance techniques.

While the classes are open to anyone aged 10 years and up, participants are required to be able to perform at least one full chin-up as well as one full push-up from the toes. This test is given to ensure that students have the strength to take on this physically demanding class. We also recommend that students enrolled in our Aerials Program should also register for an acrobatic dance class to build up their strength and to learn the foundation of acrobatics on the ground before performing these tricks in the air.

At KaliAndrews Dance Company, we feel that participants can commence their strength and flexibility training for circus style Aerial Arts at any age, which is why we also offer Hammock Silks for participants under the age of 10 and/or anyone who is still developing the foundations and fundamentals before entering into the Silks, Hoop or Aerial Everything classes.

Safe Training

KaliAndrews Dance Company also ensures the physical safety of students by adhering to high safety standards at the facility. The rigging systems use rated and tested components and dynamic ropes for very strong, soft feeling points that can be used for a variety of aerial activities. Each point has a double redundant floor anchoring system to ensure they are more than capable of supporting the loads and drop forces associated with any type of aerial apparatus. Open cell mats are also used beneath the rigging points to ensure the safety of our students. Participants are instructed on techniques close to the ground first and slowly move up to suspended heights, not immediately forced to attempt new practices high in the air.

Aspiring To Become a Professional?

For those with professional aspirations, KADC offers programs at the competitive level. Serious dancers work with experienced and qualified trainers who prepare and condition them for performances in front of audiences and/or participating in competitions. Whatever your goals are, you will find a laid-back, friendly atmosphere with no pressure for the experiences required to take your training to the next level. You can conveniently register for classes online or give us a call at 613-601-5254 today for more information.