The Qualifications That Make Your Dance Teacher Stand Out

One of the most important aspects of a good dance school is having an outstanding selection of dance teachers. A dance teacher acts as a reflection of the school as a whole, and as main support for students and parents. At KaliAndrews Dance Company, our dance teachers are highly regarded and qualified teachers that we are proud to support. There are many qualities we look for in a dance teacher, many of which are the same qualities you look for as well.

BATD Standards

The British Association of Teachers of Dancing is a professional organization that examines the qualifications of dance teachers and students internationally and sets recognized industry standards. The BATD was officially formed in 1892, and has been the industry leader for over 100 years. Most dance teachers at KaliAndrews Dance Company have their BATD associate certification in the genre that they teach, a guarantee of their excellence.

A True Love of Dance

An outstanding dance teacher will not only want to teach choreography to students, but truly love the art itself. Many dance teachers at KADC are professionals in their field who remain attached to the industry through teaching.

Strong Teaching Skills

A dance teacher is as committed and well-rounded with their students as they are with choreography. When a teacher is able to place themselves into the role of a student, they’re able to better train their students. By being patient and understanding, teachers are able to bring out the full potential of their students without pressuring them or making them uncomfortable.

Patience and Support

One of the most important qualities in a dance teacher is the ability to be supportive. All students have different levels of athleticism, memory and learning capabilities and will vary in the time it takes to pick up on techniques. Supportive teachers are able to gauge when it’s best to push their students and when to give them the time to practice. Supportive teachers are able to recognize the different skill levels within the class and are able to alter their training methods to suit.

Here at KaliAndrews Dance Company, we pride ourselves in having one of the best instructor selection in the greater Ottawa area. We know that our dance teachers provide students with a welcoming and supportive environment, and encourage their students to dance their best. To learn more about our dance teachers and classes, contact us today!