Taking Dance Classes in Ottawa to New Heights

Taking Dance Classes in Ottawa to New Heights

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Have you ever wished you could pull off the graceful and gravity-defying acts of the performers of Cirque du Soleil? KaliAndrews Dance Company provides the opportunity to do just that, offering unique dance classes in acrobatics, stunting, tumbling, contortion and aerial silks and hoop (in addition to the full gamut of traditional dance styles). One of the most unique dance schools in Ottawa, KaliAndrews was started a few short years ago by a young husband and wife team: Artistic Director KaliWegg, and Executive Director Lyndon Andrews.

The school offers recreational dance classes for all ages and skill levels, as well as competitive training for those looking to pursue dance at the professional level. It is also the only school in Ottawa with the ceiling height necessary for circus-style aerial arts, which include incredible stunts such as drops, rolls and free falls.

Aerial silks (also known as aerial ribbons or tissues) and aerial hoop are styles of dance where an artist performs acrobatic tricks while hanging in the air from either a spinning hoop or suspended aerial silks. With the continued success of Cirque du Soleil, aerial arts are becoming more popular than ever. Raw strength, flexibility and grace combined with jaw-dropping stunts keep audiences on the edge of their seats.

KaliAndrews Dance Company is also home to one of the top Competitive Dance Teams in Ottawa. The team has competed across the region, taking home countless trophies, choreography awards, costume awards and more. The team loves to compete, but the emphasis is on the love of dance and having fun.

You can view the incredible acrobatics, contortion, stunting and aerial arts and all other dance classes at KaliAndrews Dance Company by visiting their YouTube Channel or website at kaliandrews.com.

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