Acro – Stunting & Tumbling

Acro – Stunting & Tumbling

Advanced Acrobatics — Stunting & Tumbling

Stunting & Tumbling Classes

Stunting & Tumbling are part of the Advanced Acrobatics Program at KaliAndrews Dance Company. This class focuses on acrobatic balances, partnering and group work, including skills mastered by professional circus artists.

Stunting consists of one person acting as a flier and another as a porter. The porter remains in contact with the floor and the flier is balanced in the air. The porter may move between a variety of positions including lying on the floor, crouching, standing and kneeling. The flier may be balanced on the base’s feet, hands, shoulders, knees, thighs, back or combinations of these, in a variety of positions and orientations including horizontal, vertical or even upside down. These classes are fun, energetic and rewarding all at the same time!

Tumbling combines strength, power, agility and coordination that can captivate audiences and bring them to the edge of their seats. Tricks such as somersaults, handsprings, aerials, round-offs, dive rolls and more are performed without the use of specialized apparatus. Students can enjoy a safe atmosphere as they learn their technique on our Tumble Track and then move to the floor once they master their skills.

Check out our demo on CTV Morning Live for an example of the stunting work produced in classes at KADC. Still looking for more information? Read more about the Different Skills and Techniques of Acrobatic Dance!

Note: Minimum 1 year of acrobatic experience is required. Students must have Front Walkover, Back Walkover and Cartwheel (left and right).

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Stunting Demo on CTV Morning Live plus an interview with Studio Director, Kali Wegg. Click “Full Screen” on video to expand.

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