Acro – Contortion

Acro – Contortion

Advanced Acrobatics — Contortion

Contortion Class for Advanced Flexibility

Audition or Invitation Only

Contortion class is for the acrobat who wants to specialize in bending the body into unusual poses. In acrobatic dance, total control over one’s body throughout an extreme range of motion is required in order to master the necessary skills & tricks.

Our Contortion classes are designed for “extra bendy” individuals; upon entering our Contortion class, students have already nurtured their individual flexibility and will continue to enhance the beauty of bending. Participants will
study contortion techniques and will focus on developing more strength and flexibility to support their tricks/skills.

Contortion is not a performance based class, therefore the participants have the opportunity to continue their training for the full duration of each term.

Note: This class will not run when we have competitive events and choreography sessions, therefore the fee is less than a regular scheduled weekly class.

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Video of acrobatic dance performance by KADC students. Click “Full Screen” on video to expand.

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