Ballet & Pointe

Ballet & Pointe

Beginner Ballet & Advanced Pointe

Ballet Classes for Ages 5 & Up

Beginners are Always Welcome!

Ballet dance classes focus on the principles and steps on which almost all dance styles were founded. With a solid foundation, dancers can transfer their skills into other dance forms to enhance their versatility. While all styles of dance tend to compliment one another, ballet technique is a highly recommended addition to any dancer’s course load. Particular movements like relevé, plié, and foot positions have become the accepted norms in other dance styles. Additionally, the ability to extend limbs and elongate muscles are also used across multiple genres.

In our syllabus-based ballet classes, students will study exam preparation work in Term 1 and move into preparation for our recital performance throughout Term 2.

At KaliAndrews Dance Company, we offer ballet classes for all ages, no matter your level of experience. Children as young as age 5 can start out in our graded classes at the pre-primary level, while pre-teen and teenage dancers without previous experience can join our beginner ‘open’ classes.

Recommended Additional Classes: Ballet-Technique and/or Jazz


Pointe classes include beginner and advanced pointe techniques focusing on building the fundamentals and strength of pointe at the barre and progressing into the centre with more challenging steps.

Note: Students not yet on pointe require an assessment prior to beginning the class.


Technique classes are designed to enhance dance techniques with a primary focus on mastering and fully comprehending technical dance elements without choreography. Dancers will build muscle memory and fine tune their skills for easy execution with technical ballet skills.

This is not a performance-based class; therefore, the participants have the opportunity to continue their training for the full duration of each term (no recital).

Meet Miss Anne-Marie, our ballet director at KADC. Watch as she guides CTV’s Melissa Lamb through some of the basic ballet foot positions and teaches Melissa a jeté.Click ‘Full Screen’ on video to expand.

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