Aerial Acrobatics

Aerial Acrobatics

Aerial Acrobatics

Circus-Style Aerial Silks, Hammock Silks & Hoop

Classes for Ages 7 to Adult. Beginners Welcome!

Note: information listed is relevant to our 2020-2021 Season.

Course Prerequisites:
– Must be comfortable hanging upside down
– Can do one full chin-up without assistance
– Can do one full push up from toes
– Can touch toes standing (pike position) without bending knees
– Understands that this course is both physically and mentally challenging
– Can comprehend and follow instructions well

KaliAndrews Dance Company provides the opportunity for participants to explore their artistic acrobatic skills in the air! Offering multiple choices of Aerial Apparatus’ for our students to discover, explore, grow and challenge themselves within each lesson. Aerial acrobatics has become well-known in the circus performance community and is continuing to grow in popularity. This form of acrobatics is highly challenging in addition to being rewarding at the same time and is commonly seen in the world-famous Cirque du Soleil.

Aerialists focus on obtaining strength and mastering techniques throughout Term 1. In Term 2, Aerialists learn to put together their own performance pieces. Under the direction of KADC’s staff, you will have the opportunity to learn how to put choreography together, receive advice on music selections and adequate practice time in preparation for your In-Studio, end of term performance. Students are permitted to invite guests to view the final class of the Term in our studio while each participant presents their own piece in front of a small audience. Photos and Videos are permitted.

Recommended additional classes: Acro, Jazz and/or Ballet

Dress Code
Participants are asked to wear tight, fitted clothing covering as much skin as possible. KADC recommends tight, fitted long sleeved shirts, leggings, tights etc. Bare Feet. Hair should be neatly tied up in a ponytail or a Bun.

Still looking for more information? Read more about the Unique Skill and Training that goes into Aerial Silks and Aerial Hoop!

Aerial Acrobatics Demo by KADC on CTV Morning Live plus an Interview with Studio Director, Lyndon Andrews.

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