Ottawa Acro Dancers Create ‘Moving Poetry’ at Competition

Originally posted in the Cornwall Seaway News on March 21, 2015.
By Adam Brazeau

It felt more like a Cirque du Soleil performance than a dance competition.

Ottawa’s KaliAndrews Dance Company’s jaw-dropping aerial acrobatics captivated the crowd, as performers donning gold masks and matching outfits huddled together on stage and transformed a three-sided ladder into moving poetry.

Move With The Beat is the only all-ages competition combining dance, circus, and aerial acrobatics, according to its director Meaghan Wegg.

The 29-year-old Montreal resident graduated in 2005 from L’Ecole Nationale de Cirque and toured internationally with the famous dance troupe. She holds a diploma specializing in the highest level of circus coaching, and majored in aerial hoop and minored in contortion.

“Circus has become very popular in the dance world, but at competitions there’s no category for it – they just compete against acrobatic dancers,” said Wegg.

She described the event as an opportunity for dancers to get experience in front of an audience on a stage with professional judges. All of the dancers go home with a video demo of their act, with feedback of the judging critiques.

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