Is Your Child Ready for Competitive Dance?

Competitive dance is an athletic skill that requires dancers who are deeply passionate about their craft. This is an excellent way to perfect dance techniques, to create lasting memories and life lessons, friendships with fellow dancers and competitors, and to become confident with your skills and abilities. It is not like the year-end recital where you perform once a year, as it demands many months’ worth of repetitive practice, precision and commitment. Dancers as young as 7 are welcome to audition for a spot in our competitive dance program. A limited number of dancers are offered positions within the program each year and are organized into different styles and choreographed routines that fit best with their strengths.


The first step to join the KADC competitive dance program is to attend our auditions. The audition process takes place in a regular classroom setting as teachers and instructors watch from the sidelines. The demonstration of proper technique and technical ability is important, but it is not the only area that is assessed. Instead, our staff are looking for 4 main aspects within the audition:

  • • Technique and flexibility level
  • • Attention span and asking for support when needed
  • • A solid effort being put forth while learning
  • • Mannerisms toward the instructors and peers

Auditions are held annually and will determine the current year’s final competitive dance team. Dancers can make note of the styles of dance they are most comfortable with upon registration, so that they can audition and compete in that style. Dancers can also indicate the type of routines they would like to be considered for.


To ensure that you are prepared for your audition, we encourage all dancers to participate in at least one of our summer dance programs. This gives our staff the opportunity to observe you within the classroom setting before the audition date. Our dance camps will allow new dancers to familiarize themselves with our facility and instructors, while returning dancers have the opportunity to advance, grow, practice and refine their skills.

Time Commitment

Being a member of our competitive dance program requires a solid time commitment from both the team members and our instructors. The amount of time spent weekly in the studio and practicing from home will differ from student to student and is determined by the number of classes and routines you choose to commit to for the season. Competitive dancers can expect to spend anywhere from 3 to 4 days per week at the studio or between 10 to 20 hours in classes or rehearsals. This is based on your participation level, which is determined at the time of your registration.

All members in our competitive dance program will be required to take a competitive technique course, as well as two ballet classes a week (with the exception of dancers only dancing in Hip Hop). Additionally, all members will be requested to attend a mandatory orientation week in the last week of August.


There is no set price to be part our competitive dance program, as costs will vary depending on the number of classes and routines you are participating in. We are unable to give estimated quotes until your audition process is complete. Generally speaking, competitive fees can start at approximately $450/month and escalate depending on the number of routines you are offered and choose to accept. This fee however, does cover the majority of the competitive requirements for the year. A detailed competitive information package is available upon request.

Are you ready to become a member of KaliAndrews Dance Company’s competitive dance program? Audition dates and more information is coming soon!!