Getting the Most Out of Your Dance Classes

One of our goals at KaliAndrews Dance Company is to inspire all of our students to develop the passion that we have for performing arts!

Students always have the opportunity to learn and grow within our programs, but we encourage each participant to speak up if they ever feel that something they are learning is either too hard, or not challenging enough. All of our teachers are here to provide help whenever needed and we always encourage your feedback within the classes!

We aim to provide a solid dance foundation and our weekly lesson plans are structured to suit all kinds of students and capabilities. When instructors do not receive feedback within classes, we tend to base our future lesson plans on the overall progression of each class as a whole.

If a student feels that something is too hard, we want them to feel comfortable enough to ask for help, ask to be spotted, or ask to be shown a modified position in order to progress properly.

Alternately, if a student feels “bored” or not challenged, we encourage this feedback as well. In this case the instructor can give the student a more challenging variation of the position, exercise or trick.

Please know that students are always welcome to talk to their instructors as this helps them get the most out of their experience with KADC.

What if a Dancer Doesn’t Like the Class?

In the event that a dancer feels their course is not a good fit for them, we will be happy to switch the dancer to another course of equal value at absolutely no cost. If the dancer chooses to withdraw completely, tuition fees will be credited to your account. Credits do not expire and can be used toward any future classes. However, please be advised that tuition fees are non-refundable and all withdrawals must be submitted via email to

Other Resources

For those interested in learning more about our school, how we teach and the services we provide, here are some links to additional information: