Is Your Child Ready for Competitive Dance?

Is Your Child Ready for Competitive Dance?

Competitive dance is an athletic skill that requires dancers who are deeply passionate about their craft. This is an excellent way to perfect dance techniques, to create lasting memories and life lessons, friendships with fellow dancers and competitors, and to become confident with your skills and abilities.

What to Expect at Summer Dance Camp

Summer Dance Camp is an excellent way for busy minds and busy bodies to be kept active during the months off from school. Summer break should be exciting for children, and should allow them the time to explore their own interests outside of the schoolyard. At KaliAndrews Dance Company, we offer four separate summer dance programs to allow all dancers to explore different styles of dance at the level that’s right for each individual. We want to make sure that everyone can participate in dance camp regardless of past experience, and make their summer a break to remember!

Ottawa Acro Dancers Create ‘Moving Poetry’ at Competition

Originally posted in the Cornwall Seaway News on March 21, 2015. By Adam Brazeau It felt more like a Cirque du Soleil performance than a dance competition. Ottawa’s KaliAndrews Dance Company’s jaw-dropping aerial acrobatics captivated the crowd, as performers donning gold masks and matching outfits huddled together on stage and transformed a three-sided ladder into moving poetry. Move With The Beat is the only all-ages competition combining dance, circus, and aerial acrobatics, according to its director Meaghan Wegg. The 29-year-old Montreal resident graduated in 2005 from L’Ecole Nationale de Cirque and toured internationally with the famous dance troupe. She holds...