Why Choose Us?

We’re the Most Unique School in Ottawa

If you’re looking for a dance school to register your child or yourself, there are many factors that we should all consider when making this choice. For adult and children’s dance lessons in Ottawa, you’ll make a great choice by choosing KaliAndrews Dance Company. We’re dedicated to providing our students with the very best dance lessons that we can possibly provide in your area. Choosing the best school for you simply comes down to a few important characteristics:

Professional Trainers

All KADC dance instructors are certified through the standard set by the British Association of Teachers of Dancing (BATD) in the dance genre they are passionate about teaching. Many of our teachers have over a decade of competitive and recreational dance experience and are able to relate to the students on both a professional and personal basis.

Style Variety

At KaliAndrews Dance Company, we ensure that students are able to choose from a variety of dance genres where they’re most comfortable and most interested. Lessons are offered in ballet and pointe, acrobatic dance, jazz dance, hip hop, tap dance and contemporary dance. Circus-based genres such as stunting, tumbling, contortion and aerial acrobatics are also offered for the more daring acrobats!

Professional Setting

Kaliandrews Dance Company is a professional dance studio built specifically to provide a focused and safe learning environment. We have one of the largest dance floors in the city that can be converted into multiple use studios or one large room for workshops & master classes. The studios have overhead lighting or side spot lighting depending on what environment the instructor would like to set up. Our floors are closed cell sprung with “Rosco” performance dance surface. Mirrors run 8 feet high from wall to wall.

We also have rigging installed for aerial acro classes, which can also be converted to harnessing for advanced stunting tricks! The rigging systems use rated, tested components and dynamic ropes for very strong, soft feeling points that can be used for a variety of aerial activities. Each point has a double redundant floor anchoring system to ensure they are more than capable of supporting the loads associated with aerial apparatus and harness work.

For our acrobatic classes, we use closed cell sprung tumbling mats in addition to open cell crash mats. We also have an inflatable TumbleTrak that is used to develop new skills and techniques with much less risk of injury.

Flexible Schedules

KaliAndrews Dance Company understands that while you are taking dance lessons, there are other things going on in your lives. For this reason, we try to provide schedules that are as realistic as possible. Our schedules are always available online and are individualized by logging into your portal. This way, dancers will only see the classes that are available to them without the confusion of seeing absolutely every class that we offer..

Friendly Environment

For some, dance lessons are an after school, fun activity. For others, dancing is a career aspiration for which they wish to train seriously. There are also those who dance to keep their fitness routine fun and varied. Whatever brings you to the dance floor, KADC will meet you at your level. The instruction KADC offers is given with a lot of encouragement, without any added pressure.

Here at KaliAndrews Dance Company, we will work with you to meet your dance goals. Contact us today to register for the best dance lessons in Ottawa, and you will soon be putting your best foot forward!