About BATD Dance Examinations

Every year, each of our dancers has the opportunity to take a dance examination at his/her grade level. Exams are mandatory for members of KADC’s Competitive Team but are optional for recreational dancers. Examination days at KADC take place each year during the first week of February.

What is BATD?

Founded in 1892, the British Association of Teachers of Dancing (BATD) was the world’s first dance association. The association’s purpose is to promote the art of dancing, to assist with proper training of young dancers as well as their teachers and to give dancers an opportunity to build a future with their growing passion for dance.

What are dance exams and what are the benefits?

Dance examinations are much like any other exam that you would take. Dancers prepare during their weekly classes by learning the syllabus for their current level. Each exam generally consists of a three sections: at the barre, in the centre and floor work. Dancers also learn routines to present at the end of the exam. The dancers are tested not only on their technical movement, but also on their general knowledge of dance. They must know some music theory, such as counting beats and rhythm, as well as anatomy and the progression of the grades. Dancers learn proper etiquette, improve their self-esteem and experience life lessons as they progress through the syllabus.

Dancers can start taking exams as young as age six and can progress well into their adult years, either as teachers or as professional performers. BATD is a nationally recognized association. It is represented on the central council for physical education and is a corporate member of the council for dance education and training.

What will my child receive after doing an exam?

Each successful candidate will receive a certificate assessing their performance in the exam. Students taking exams in Grade 3 and higher may be nominated to attend the BATD Scholarship Competitions, which are held annually in Toronto. Dancers who continue into the higher grades will be eligible to complete their Professional Degree, which will provide them with teacher qualifications. Candidates must complete the exams in the grade order.

Exam Fees

Please note that exam fees are NOT included in your tuition.

A few more important things to note:

Dancers MUST meet the minimum age requirements for each level to be eligible to take the test. Dancers cannot attempt the exam if they have not reached the required age by February 1st..

Examinations take place at our facility once a year. Dancers will not have the opportunity to complete another examination until the following season.

Instructors commence examination training in our weekly classes beginning in September. All dancers will learn the syllabus as part of our curriculum, regardless of their intention to take the exam. Examinations are available for all Acro, Ballet and Jazz students.